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The Chef provides delicious foods to eat and tries to provide something that Ashton will eat (he is very texture oriented and picky). They approach me to find out what his favourite foods are and try their best to ensure that he is getting what he needs throughout the day. Ella clearly loves her food and that has definitely not changed within the walls of CV.


From day one, Tania has shown my children so much love, especially Ella. I am sure that Ella’s babbling after school is all about Tania because she adores her. Dropping my children off in the morning on the second day was so easy because Ashton and Ella were already comfortable with Tania, which is a testament to how amazing of a teacher she is. Both of my children are “mommy’s” children and I love that either one will reach out to her when I am not with them. Kiran recently joined the infant program and Ella loves her as well. I know that she is truly herself around Kiran and Tania because she snuggles into her teachers when she is sad and is feisty when she does not want to have her face washed, just like at home.


Victoria and Tricia have taken such an interest in Ashton’s accomplishments. I have seen such an amazing change in his eye contact and ability to respond to his name. Ashton has never given me a “hurry up mom” look when coming to school and I see it every morning when we arrive at the centre. He is so happy here and I know it’s because of his teachers. Katie and Ashley have recently started at Childventures and they have already demonstrated so much love for all the children! They are both gentle teachers and you can see the children gravitate to them already.


It’s nice to have Janice be a familiar face for Ashton since he knew her from Richmond Hill and I’m sure that his transition to Oakville was smooth because of her love for him too. Ella loves to snuggle with Janice and she lets me know how my munchkins are doing. Not only was she there to support my children, but helped to support me as well. I am so thankful for the updates during my transition back to work.


Matt and Kathryn are clearly involved with the children because both of my children look for you when we arrive in the morning or leave at the end of the day. It is to see Ashton not want to leave at the end of the day and often finds himself in either of your arms for comfort. Your support for me was endless and I truly appreciate all the support during this time.


Thank you so much to all of the Oakville staff for the love and care you have provided with us in a short period of time. My children look forward to school everyday and I can look forward to work knowing that they are well taken care of.


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