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Early Childhood Intervention: How to Understand Your Child’s Development

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Childcare centres, such as Childventures, adopt practices of early intervention. What is early intervention? Well, it is a support system that helps Early Childhood Educators assess the developmental progress in children. This program helps childcare centres evaluate, assess, and recognize cognitive, physical, and emotional delays in children.

What does this mean?

Early intervention programs help screen and address concerns such as autism, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, etc. By screening for such concerns, children who need more attentive learning and care are able to receive it!

How to spot potential developmental delays 

While all children develop at different rates, it is important to be able to catch concerns outside of these norms. As a parent, you can help be involved in early childhood intervention by recognizing concerning signs in your child’s development.

One of the best ways to spot developmental delays as well as developmental successes is to watch your child interacting with their peers. An organized, structured care environment provides a safe space for your child to interact with other children and for you to see how they fit in with their peers.

Here are some things you can look out for as warning signs:

  • Is your child struggling to make friends?
  • Does your child have trouble focusing or paying attention?
  • Does your child struggle to follow more than two instructions at a time?

Follow your parental instincts! If you are concerned, ask your family doctor.


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