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Leader in Me: Generosity

Giving a generous gift

When we think of generosity, it is sometimes easy to think of grand gestures of charity or monetary gifts. While this can be a way to be generous, there are many other ways to exemplify this trait. Giving someone a chance, forgiving mistakes, and giving someone the benefit of the doubt are all examples of how generosity can be used by a budding leader.

Leaders who know when and how to be generous are able to create close relationships with those around them. A leader is not someone who gives and expects to take in return. Instead, a leader is someone who is comfortable knowing that sometimes you have to be generous enough to give sometimes without any expectations. This allows a leader to act genuine and in turn create genuine relationships.

Giving a generous gift to a friend

When someone is generous and gives without expectations of return, those around them can sense that they care. They will want to help the leader or listen to them, because they know the leader would do the same for them.

The children of Childventures describe the virtue of generosity as giving and sharing. They learn to give freely because they want to, not expecting something in return. We see this as being one of the best ways to demonstrate love and friendship. When we are being generous we are thinking of ways to share what we have. Thinking about what people need and doing things to bring them happiness helps us to embrace this virtue.

Being generous to someone who is hurt

We practice generosity in our classrooms when our children:

– Share materials with our friends

– Help set the table before lunch

– Spend time with a new child who has joined into the class

– Participate in our Free The Children initiative

– Are thoughtful about the needs of others


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