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The Leader in Me: Courage

leader in me courage

It isn’t always easy to be a leader. Leaders need the courage to take charge, to make decisions, and to be role models. They may want to give up or let someone else be in charge. Courage lets children face adversity and persevere, even when they are afraid. Courage not only lets children experience new things, but makes them more willing to take on risks and challenges.

leader in me courageous child

For the children of Childventures, we define courage as having personal bravery in the face of fear. We see courage as being able to do what needs to be done even when it is really scary or difficult. Courage is going ahead even when we feel like giving up. When we try new things the virtue of courage is needed. Being able to admit our mistakes and then do the right thing is part of courage. Our children believe courage is the strength within their hearts!

Courage is an important virtue children should learn. We practice courage in our classrooms when our children:

  • Ask for help when it is needed
  • Find strength even when they are feeling afraid
  • Demonstrate a willingness to try something for the first time
  • Admit when they have made a mistake and learn from it
  • Make amends when they make a mistake

These qualities are important for children to learn in order to grow into leaders. Having the courage to continue, even when they find their task difficult teaches them resilience and modesty. It teaches them so many other important qualities in being a leader which is why at Childventures, we encourage it!

courageous leap


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