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16 Important Nutrients for Brain Development
All nutrients are vital for brain development and function, but some in particular have a critical role in growing young brains. Get to know the 16 key brain-supporting nutrients in Cerebelly products and their role in your little one’s development. Written by Paedeatric Nutritionist, Stacey Segal and powered by Cerebelly.            
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7 Tips to Manage Your Child’s Busy Schedule
At Childventures, we see busy parents every single day and these are 7 tips that we often recommend to help manage a child’s busy schedule.  1. Write Everything Down  In your phone or a notebook, write down any scheduling detail that comes to mind. Many of us write down significant events but not the minor
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Socialization During COVID-19
The events of 2020 have truly changed how we live, work and interact. The pandemic brought physical socialization to a rapid stop, leaving many parents without answers and left to wonder if their child would be deprived of an important developmental step. Peer-to-peer interaction is a vital part of growing up, but the pandemic has
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Developing Good Reading Habits in Children
Developing good reading habits in children is a pivotal step in their learning journey and is something that parents can easily foster and cultivate at home. Learning to read isn’t the only piece of this puzzle, children must also develop quality reading habits in order to maintain their understanding and continue to expand their reading
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Childventures Centre Enhancements
COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the forefront of our everyday lives. As we look to the future, we will all have a role to play in continuing to adjust to this new normal.   At CV, we recognize that as a childcare provider, we are entrusted with delivering a stimulating learning experience while maintaining the
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10 Movement & Physical Activities for Children
These activities focus on movement. Whenever you suspect that your child has some pent up energy, try these 10 movement & physical activities for children based off of our Semester of Learning! 1. Animals Walks  Have your children stand in a line and then call out various animals. They then have to mimic the walk
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Educational Activities to do at Home
Everyday life has been altered for the foreseeable future. People are working from home, various experts have advised that the general population practice physical distancing, millions of children from around the world have been displaced from their schools, all due to the novel coronavirus. The predicament has created a sense of uncertainty for everyone around
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10 Fun Family Activities
With all of the stress and uncertainty in the world right now, take this as an opportunity to be with your family. Don’t stress about making every activity be in line with your child’s exposure to the Childventures curriculum. Children learn from their surroundings – they truly are little sponges. They will take away something
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9 Spring Activities for Children in Hamilton
This month, Spring will finally arrived! Now that we are coming out of the dark and gloomy winter months, it’s time to focus on some Spring activities for children! Given that we have centres in a few different communities, we will be uploading these blogs by region. This blog will highlight 10 Spring activities for
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10 Things to do With Your Children in Aurora
Aurora is a bustling community that offers a wealth of cultural and artistic opportunities for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re new to the area or just looking to try something different, we have compiled a list of 10 child friendly activities in the Aurora area that parents will enjoy too!  1. The
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