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Childventures CEO uses social media and a heartfelt and emotional video to bring community together while remaining apart; encourages others to do the same.

In an emotional video making the rounds on social media, Childventures (CV) CEO Dr. Walter Heidary shares a message of hope and encourages all to put caring into action.

“This is a scary time for many people, but it’s an opportunity to come together and support each other,” Heidary said, addressing the importance of small businesses to the country’s economy.

“The pain of the disease is seen in the numbers and the shut downs. But the pain of businesses not serving people, not having customers, not knowing what the future holds is also concerning.” Heidary said.

“When close to one third of Canadian small business will be bankrupt*, this brings a level of humanity to the brick and mortar business. Without small businesses, this country’s economy is challenged. We need small businesses to open and re-employ people.”

Like so many other businesses, CV temporarily closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety and protection of their children, families, and team members

“CV is doing everything we can to support the families, team members and community who rely on us, and we are using our voice to support our broader community and share a message of hope.” Said Heidary.

Heidary is hoping to inspire other businesses to use the tools they have to build community.

In addition to the video under Heidary’s lead, all CV locations are working together to find ways to support the children in their care, and the communities in which they live. Here are some of the ways they are giving back.

  • Donating food to Food for Life, wonderful charity that is working tirelessly to provide food to those impacted harshly by COVID-19;
  • Rallying all families to show their support to frontline professionals;
  • Sharing teacher slide shows to engage children; and
  • Providing story time, tools and activities free, online, to any families who are looking for ways to entertain and educate their children. through their website (www.childventures.ca) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ChildVentures.EarlyLearningAcademy).

Everyone is welcome to participate in these activities!

“Our community may not be filling our businesses, our streets and our public spaces, but we must still come together while apart. We must give what we can to build for tomorrow,” said Walter Heidary, CEO CV.

“We will be back. We will be stronger. And we can do this as a community.” Heidary said. “We are all in this together. How will you spread this message of hope?”

For more information or to arrange an interview with Dr. Walter Heidary, contact:

Laural Adams 289-707-5420


First established in 2002 as Pathways Academy for Children, Childventures Early Learning Academy has developed an excellent reputation within the childcare field as a leader in child development. We offer early childhood education programs unlike anything else available in Canada. Our blended curriculum incorporates the very best teaching methods from Baby Signs and High Scope® to Montessori and Core Knowledge®, all carefully designed to enhance your child’s development and stimulate their mind

Childventures has locations in Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster, Milton, Richmond Hill and Aurora.

Childventures News

Like many expectant parents, Dr. Walter Heidary and his wife sought out the best daycare for their child, but didn’t find one that met their list of criteria. After a lot of research, and homework, the Dentist decided to take the best curricula of three world renowned programs and opened Childventures, the perfect learning environment for children of busy professionals. Offering the best of “Montessori”, “High Scope®”, “Core Knowledge®” and “Baby Signs”. Childventures creates a unique and well-balanced education system that maximizes early learning and brain development. A creative yet structural environment, children are introduced to numbers, science, French, music, computers, fine motor development, and even self-care skills when best appropriate. Teachers act as facilitators and encourage the child to take the lead in their own learning, expertly guiding the child to understand the world.

Welcome to Childventures Early Learning Academy


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