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Child Care Centre Founder

In 1999, when founder Dr. Walter Heidary and his wife were expecting their first child, like all new parents, they started educating themselves on the needs of young children. What they found out about childcare, and cognitive, social and physical development made them realize something important: time with parents at home is a key to healthy development, but exposure to other children and experiences related to learning make for a more balanced child.

As parents, they focused on the needs of their child at home. But as busy professionals with full-time careers, their biggest concern was finding quality childcare that would meet all of their requirements for giving their child the best start possible.

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Their wish list for a child care centre was a long one. It included:

  • A loving place with caring people.
  • Qualified educators and caregivers.
  • Great programs and curriculums designed to influence neurological development at specific ages.
  • A sequential program of learning at each stage, with measurement systems to track progress.
  • A secure, safe, modern environment.
  • Beautiful classes and play areas.
  • A fun, child-focused environment that embodies play techniques.
  • A strong nutritional component.
  • Teacher to child ratios congruent with learning and caring.
  • Parental involvement for continued success of the child.

They toured and interviewed many centres with their list. After a while, they realized that while many had elements of what they were looking for, no one place offered everything they wanted.

So Dr. Walter Heidary opened his own childcare centre. Initially called Pathways, it included everything he wanted for his own child, and offered those significant benefits to other children and families.

Today, many children have “graduated” from Childventures, getting a wonderful head start to school and life, and he has educated three of his own children in this award-winning centre. Now they are in elementary school, and he is confident that they are fully prepared for a wonderful life of learning.

Childventures is the gift they gave their children. And it’s a gift you can give your children too.


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