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If you are looking for an outstanding place to send your child for care, I recommend Childventures Early Learning Academy. I have had such an amazing experience with this organization. My son started when he was 2 years old and right from the moment we walked into the center for the first time I felt a feeling of comfort. The teachers are welcoming and caring to both you and your child. They make an effort to acknowledge and give a warm smile when you and your child walk into the room. The center is beautiful and well maintained. The have a personal chef that creates wonderful nutritious dishes for the children. They are provided with breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Some of the services they provide that eased my mind as a parent was that they have a hand scan to enter into the center and camera’s in each room that your can log onto to view your child and see how they are doing throughout the day.

My son is now 7 and he has gone through all programs, graduated and has been enrolled each year into their summer camp program. Their summer camp program is wonderful. Each week is filled with fun, activities, and day trips to stimulate their minds. They are also provide with the same meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon snack).

I am very happy with the experience I have had with Childventures and I highly recommend this center for you and your child. You won’t regret your decision.


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