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Juliana C

I was provided an opportunity to cut my mat-leave short and return to a new role when our little one was only 10 months old – a wonderful opportunity, but a new stress for first-time parents. In Childventures we found the ideal place for Marshall to spend his days and there was absolutely no comparison to the warmth and “at home” feeling we found in the Childventures community as we toured other childcare providers. He started right away and we never looked back!

Our son was enveloped within a wonderful of community at Childventures, there were new friends – both other little ones and teachers – and the little bumps and bruises that happen along the way were always tenderly handled, the achievements were celebrated, and we truly began to feel that his “day parents” were an extension of our own family, it was such a great and comforting feeling and there was always a fun story about his day at pick-up time. The single biggest advantage Childventures provides is their people, not a single staff memeber is putting in time, everyone has a deep love of working with children, a patient and caring nature, and that’s the key difference, the team loves what they do – and you can feel it.

With the support of child development experts working with him every day and offering new games and challenges, our son became an early walker and speaker, learned to use the bathroom independently, and could count and read well ahead of age expectations. Schools was also a ton of fun with water days, art adventures, special guests, costumes, and lots of singing songs and great stories. We developed friendships with other Moms and Dads, it was great to know his friends families and sharing birthdays and holidays was more fun as we were able to include new friends too.

When we finally had to leave Childventures and start his new experience in a grade one school it really became evident what an advantage his sense of problem solving, conflict management, completing tasks, listening, and following classroom expectations was for him. Marshall is comfortable working independently but also integrates well into teams, he shares well and is able to listen to instructions and take feedback from teachers and coaches in a way that continues to push him along and he is comfortable talking out problems with his peers. We really give a lot of credit to the experience at Childventures, the school supported the values we have at home and provided a fun and safe place to learn and have fun as he grew and developed, in a way that far exceeded our ability to provide at home.

It also pushed me to be a better cook – when your child develops a love for risotto and quiche you have to up your game!


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