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When we first began looking at daycare options, I was expecting our first son, Sam, and I also knew that returning to work soon after his birth was necessary for me as I am a business owner. Never having had children before, I read up on some important qualities of what to look for in a daycare provider, but at the end of the day, I also knew my instincts and my appreciation for caring, order and professionalism were going to drive our decisions to choose the best fit for Sam and ultimately, his brother two years later, Benjamin.

Sam began in the Infant program when he was almost 4 months old, and Benjamin when he was less than 2 months old. It was so important, given the needs of the kids but also the demands of my work, that we all have a great relationship with their caregivers. We really wanted our kids to form relationships with caregivers readily and happily, and this was made possible by Childventures having very kind and well-informed childhood educators. They have learned so much in every way from their time at Childventures.

Childventures offered our kids excellent nutrition, a clean, safe and well-managed place to play and learn, and a well-balanced environment of education and compassion for growing little people. Not once have I ever worried about saying good bye in the morning, and have always been so happy to see their smiling confident faces when I returned after work. Having a place like that where your kids can go to school in such early formative years is truly priceless.

Sam is now 8 years old, and Benjamin 5 years old. They are both in the public school system full-time, but come back to Childventures every day on the bus after school, playing with many of the same friends they made over the years, and seeing teachers from as far back as Infant and Pre-school when we pass in the hallways each day. Each day sees them growing up a little bit more and one day they will fully graduate from Childventures, a place that has meant to much to our kids and our families. Thank you so much to everyone.


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