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From the moment we toured Childventures seven years ago, we knew we wanted our son to be there for childcare. The centre was extremely clean, the teachers were attentive and the transparency in the care and safety provided were distinct. Our son Jacob joined the infant program at the age of 11 months and had no trouble adjusting to the environment. The teachers were loving and engaging and they genuinely took an interest in Jacobs’ development. The meals provided were not only nutritious but also had a wide variety of flavours, which made trying new foods at home less challenging. Childventures and the team were more than a daycare for our son, they were a loving and nurturing family.

Having seen our son excel in language development, creativity and independence, it was only natural to also send our daughter Elise to Childventures. Jacob and Elise came home with exciting stories of their day. They were eager to demonstrate their successes such as doing up buttons and zippers on their own. We heard stories about their activities and outdoor playtime, listened to songs they learned and watched them practice for their concerts.

We have experienced the full spectrum of care at Childventures from the infant program to full time kindergarten, the amazing summer camp, as well as the before and after school program. The teachers are knowledgeable and have always put the needs of our children at the forefront of care. They fostered and encouraged our childrens’ curiosity while reinforcing work ethic, socialization and respect for others. Jacob and Elise were enriched and challenged by the curriculum and this led to an easy transition and success in grade school. We always knew our kids were safe, cared for and stimulated. We continue to enjoy Childventures as an extension of our family.


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