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Bringing The Outdoors Into Early Childhood Education


During the summer months, we all wish to spend as much time as possible outdoors. In addition to just playing, there are many opportunities for learning and development outdoors!

Benefits of the Outdoors

While outdoors, children can learn about plants, animals, landscapes, weather and the different seasons. Children have a natural curiosity, which will flourish and develop in an ever-changing outdoor environment.

Learning and Development Opportunities

Further to the actual outdoor environment, structured playgrounds and outdoor activities have their plethora of benefits as well! Activities that involve running, climbing, throwing, catching and moving encourage coordination, motor skills and physical development.

At Childventures, we are equipped with outdoor playgrounds, suitable for all ages, encouraging development opportunities during daily activities. Additionally, each oversized classroom has large windows that allow for the natural light to stream in, inspiring a bright, creative, and stimulating environment throughout the day.

Camp Activities

Beyond the daily outdoor activities your child will experience at Childventures, summer camp creates even more opportunities for discovery and learning! The Summer Camp Program at Childventures includes scavenger hunts, visiting conservation areas, and water activities. Summer camp is a great way to take advantage of those warm months and really accelerate your child’s appreciation for the outdoors.

At Childventures, we value the benefits of integrating outdoor activities into your child’s early childhood education. If you would like to learn more about our programs, facilities or camp schedule, please contact us today.


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